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Stretch Before Running To Avoid Injury


If you love running early in the morning, then it’s good to hear. But it is a very painful news that sometimes we get an injury in our leg muscles (hamstring, knee, shin pain, etc.).

So it becomes a big problem for us to continue our morning schedule. But it may not be a big problem when you start your running with simple stretching.

Mine Experience

Morning running is the best workout to start your day. It boosts energy level and keep energetic throughout the day.

I also love going for morning jogging. But due to some or other reason, I got pain in leg muscles.


So I was confused, what is the cause of this pain because I started running at a slow pace.

But one day I contact my sports trainer to get advice on the problem. So he said before going for a run, stretch out properly.

So next time, I start my jogging with properly stretching. Now there was no pain during running. So I can enjoy early morning running.

What is the problem behind this problem?

As we know that when we sleep our body muscles are sufficiently relaxed.

7-8 long sleep make our muscle stiff. During normal activity muscles become flexible and long.

But during sleep, these muscles shortens. These short muscles are stiff and not suitable for a quick workout.

You might have felt that when you woke up, early morning body is not flexible. There is a pain in joints if you start moving suddenly.

What is the solution?

Solution! It’s simple to avoid sudden movement when you woke up.

Before going for jogging, stretch for a while. It prepares the short muscle for the workout.

By just adding stretching routine of 2-4 minutes you can reduce your injury risk by 60% which is caused while starting a run. To avoid complete injury start your run at a slow pace. Also, keep yourself hydrated and enjoy running.


Enjoy running injury free for 2-4 minutes stretching and starting at a slow pace. Also, enjoy your nutrient-rich foods like fruits and nuts after a workout.