Home News Jamaican Jasmine Stewart 🇯🇲 Wins ‘MasterChef Junior’+ $100,000 USD

Jamaican Jasmine Stewart 🇯🇲 Wins ‘MasterChef Junior’+ $100,000 USD


Jamaican Jasmine Stewart 🇯🇲 Wins ‘MasterChef Junior’+ $100,000 USD

Jasmine Stewart won the MasterChef Junior trophy as well as a $100,000 grand prize as she was crowned the new MasterChef Junior champion Thursday night on the Fox network in a two-hour-long finale. Watch her journey and then the winning moment in the videos below.

Twelve-year-old Jasmine Stewart channelled her Jamaican roots for inspiration to be crowned the new MasterChef Junior last night.

The FOX series, hosted by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, puts young chefs in a series of culinary challenges to determine who will be crowned with the titular award.

On her journey to the prize, the young sixth-grader in Atlanta was eliminated from the show, but was later brought back along with five other contestants.

Stewart eventually won the finale of four contestants, at one point winning a challenge with a meal that included a jerk-seasoned lobster tail, coconut curry broth and veggies.

She was also described by the judges as putting “her heart and soul in these Jamaican dishes,” on one occasion.

Stewart and her parents reportedly said after the competition that they intend to save the US$100, 000 prize to send Stewart to college.

The show kicked off on February 9 and Jasmine’s journey was nothing but remarkable. She made her way from ‘Top 40’ to ‘Top 20’ to ‘Top 12’ before being eliminated after a baking challenge, but she cooked her way back into the competition into the ‘Top 6’ after winning a game-changing ‘comeback’ challenge.

Stewart’s Jamaican parents and family were ecstatic with cheers and applause when co-host Gordon Ramsay announced Jasmine Stewart is the new MasterChef Junior champion.

The FOX series, hosted by Gordon Ramsay British star chef of “Hell’s Kitchen” and renowned pastry chef Christina Tosi, give kids that chance to showcase their culinary skills and passion for food in a series of challenges varying in difficulty.

“Some of the highlights of the show was winning of course,” Jasmine told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an interview.

Watch Jasmine Stewart Win ‘MasterChef Junior’

Tasked with creating a “finale worthy three-course meal,” which would be judged not only by Ramsay and Tosi, but also renowned chef Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart, Jasmine channelled her Jamaican roots to create a crispy, white fish and scallop fritter appetiser served with a red pepper peanut sauce and jerk spiced green papaya salad.

She then created an entree of Jerk lobster tail served with coconut curry, sweet potatoes, peas and finger lime caviar. For dessert, a sticky rum cake served with coconut whipped cream, guava puree and a pineapple chip.