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Gay Pastor And Friends Were Rushing To A Gay Party?


Gay Pastor And Friends Were Rushing To A Gay Party?


Information sent to our news team is that Pastor Stephen Ricketts and the occupants of the blue Suzuki Vitara that plummeted into the Flat Bridge waters were allegedly on their way to a ‘gay party’.

Members of a popular facebook group that released the video showing Pastor Ricketts beating a young man for allegedly cheating on him. (Click here to watch the video) posted the following comment.

“A nuh now dem a travel together! a regular yu si nuff a dem a drive off a go party! Anyweh di gay party dem deh yu can find dem!”

Investigations have unearthed that the second survivor of the ‘Flat Bridge Horror’ who turned himself into the police as the driver of the vehicle, was a professional diver.

Elfrego Slew has been charged with six counts of manslaughter and will also be charged for driving without a license.

Slew, who was thought to be dead – turned up at the police station on Sunday in perfect health.

Upon investigating, policed learnt that he was a professional diver and that he had even swam in the waters before, close  to where the accident occurred.

This new information left numerous persons feeling outraged, due to Slew’s diving abilities yet he fled the scene without attempting to rescue the others that drowned.


43 year old Stephen Ricketts, the Bishop previously thought to had been the driver of the 2012 Suzuki Vitara which plunge into to Rio Cobre river, also lost two sons.

They have been identified as Shevaughnie Ricketts and Sujay Ricketts of Commodore District in Linstead.

Other victims have been identified as  29 year old Benjamin Ellis and the lone female passenger, 21 year old Shantel Morris of Tawes Pen in Spanish Town.

Another victim was pulled from the Rio Cobre waters at 10 am on Saturday by divers of the Jamaica Defense Force and has been identified as O’Neil Robinson.