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Mother of 6 drugged at a night club, beaten, and dumped in the woods by her own cousin


A mother of six says someone drugged her drink at a DeKalb County club, beat her and dumped her in the woods.

Chantay Netters, 34, told Channel 2’s Tom Jones she reconnected with a cousin at Karma Bistro in Stone Mountain and nearly ended up dead.

“I was most likely drugged,” Netters said. “Had the ambulance not come I would probably not be here.”

She says it began Oct. 2 when she had a glass of wine at the home of a cousin she hadn’t seen in more than 20 years.

They even took a picture together that night then they went to the club on South Hairston Road.

She says she remembers ordering another glass of wine she didn’t finish.

Netters says the last thing she remembers before waking up in intensive care was updating her Facebook page.

“And in my post it said I’m so drunk, I’m so messed up I can’t even see straight,” she recalled.

Later, three men alerted security that she was unconscious and lying near the woods on the side of the club.

“It’s just disgusting and despicable that somebody would do this,” Netters sister, Heiress, said.

The family wants anyone who saw Chantay Netters that night, or saw something, to contact police.

“This person needs to be in jail so they won’t do it to anybody else,” she said.

Netters is suspicious of her cousin who left her at the club and went home with her purse, license and cellphone.