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800 killed by heat wave in India as capital’s roads melt


Jamaica is not the only country that has been experiencing extreme heat condition. As a matter of fact, we are not being seriously affected as other places. India experienced a heat wave which swept over the entire country and saw the dearth of over 800 people. Spokesman B P Yadav said that they had issues a warning to states where the heat wave was expected to affect.

The extreme heat melted roads in New Delhi as temperatures neared 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
The country has always experienced tragedies when it comes to heat as during the summer, hundreds of people die because of the heat and thousands die from an overburdened electricity grid.Over 551 people have died in the last week in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The state government has take the route of informing persons that they need to ensure they stay hydrated, wear caps when going outside, and ensuring that their bodies are kept at a moderate temperature. Special Commissioner for disaster management in the state, P.Tulsi Rani has indicated that he has requested government organizations to open up drinking water stations so that this facility will be readily available to people.

The heat has also been affecting business operations as the heat has been sweltering, spoiling food, and bringing on headaches and heat strokes onto patrons.
All over India, from Andhra Pradesh to Orissa, to Kolkata people have been dying left, right and center from being affected by the heat.

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